Great UX in the Wine World

Software in the wine industry is often out-of-date. According to Mckinsey, it’s typical for products in the ‘luxury’ world to be a few years behind other industries. But consumers expectations aren’t out-of-date, and people who buy luxury goods expect the best of the best.

Consider your website and your online store as an extension of your tasting room and take the same careful, intentional approach to the experience you provide online as you do offline. That experience is what sets you apart and keeps your customers coming back.

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle
Good UX Promises a Great First Impression

Your winery is so much more than a business. It's an experience—a combination of connections and memories made. When a customer commits to your winery, it’s not just a one-time purchase, it's the start of a relationship. But that relationship starts with first impressions. And many first impressions begin with how a visitor experiences your website. Which makes a positive user experience (UX) critical.