Vin Agency Creates a Custom VineSpring WordPress Plugin

One of the great benefits of using a connected platform is that you get to create a unique system that satisfies your winery’s needs.

An example of this is the ability to build on VineSpring’s API to customize your website.

We are proud to have Vin, a digital and brand design agency for the wine world, as one of our partners. Using our API, Vin created an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for integrating VineSpring into WordPress websites.

At a fraction of the cost of a developer, you can use Vin’s plugin to integrate product collections and details, club lists, and navigation to connect cart checkout and account login access to your winery website.


A variety of layout options allows wineries to set up their store in a way that makes sense for the brand. Check out a demo of the plugin here.

Plus, you can customize the styling to match the rest of your website—fine-tune the menus, colors, fonts, etc. See more details.

By using Vin’s VineSpring for WordPress plugin, wineries with varying levels of tech prowess can create beautiful, branded storefronts. You won’t need a computer science degree to install a plugin and get started. With two-way communication between systems, you’ll be able to see storefront activity in VineSpring’s admin view while customers experience your brand and see up-to-date products and information on your public website.

Vin Agency VineSpring Plugin

Current VineSpring customers interested in learning more about the plugin should contact Vin for a free review.

If you’re not already a VineSpring customer, request a live demo to see how the platform could work for your winery.

VineSpring is now more connected and flexible than ever! Check out the new features available now.

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle