We Are Committed to Our Clients

Our customer support team is the best in the industry and we have the NPS score to show it. 72! That score puts VineSpring at the same level as the top performing software companies in the world. We're customer-obsessed, because you are too. 

See what makes us different.

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Not just tech support

We love the fact that we are not just “tech support” to our clients. It’s no exaggeration that we become an integral part of each winery’s team.

Many of the calls we receive are about ordinary things like crediting transactions or sending orders to fulfillment. We can answer those requests quickly and efficiently, but we also relish the challenge of discussing innovative ideas for wine clubs, debating allocation theory and being a sounding board for unique ideas around promotions and discounts. 

Our clients look to us for advice and guidance gleaned from our many years of helping hundreds of wineries. We see what works. And likewise, we have been witness to what decidedly does not work. We are more than happy to share this knowledge.

We're here for you, however you need us

We work hard to make sure our client's needs are met and problems are solved in whichever communication method you prefer. You can reach us by phone, chat, and email support. You don't need to mess with filling out a ticket or waiting around for days to get a response. 

Feel free to contact us anytime and we'll be there to make sure our systems are always working to keep your customers happy. 



We know the industry 

When you contact VineSpring the person on the other end of the line isn't just experienced in the technical aspects of the product, they also know the industry. You might be on the phone with Chris, the VineSpring founder, who is also a winemaker. Or perhaps you're talking with Britney, a support guru who also has years of experience working in a tasting room.

We know your business because we've been in your shoes and we've built VineSpring to meet your unique needs. If you need help, we are ready to jump in and have a pretty good idea where you are coming from!

See what our clients have to say!

Because VineSpring was developed by people in the wine business, it is way more user-friendly for winery owners than other platforms. We love the wine club devices and sorting features. Would definitely recommend to other winemakers and businesses.
Almost a year in, we are finding it very helpful in managing our wine club. And, best of all, is your excellent customer service!
Excellent customer service. Straightforward database program that is easy to use. Willingness of the company to listen to customer concerns and suggestions and implementing new options to solve issues. Thank you.
Intuitive site, great customer service and responsiveness, easy efficient ordering, low credit card fees.