How VineSpring Works

VineSpring is designed to make DTC easy for wineries. Watch this short video to learn how our eCommerce software supports allocations, wine clubs, promotions, and online sales for the 400+ wineries that we serve.

  • Video Transcript


    Hello and thank you for your interest in VineSpring. I want to briefly give you a little tour of VineSpring so you can get acquainted with the interface. As an order management system, we drop you in on orders. You can see there's a summary and also a filter section to do a variety of things in helping you manage your orders. Also, in the customer section, we have different customer groups which are great ways to segment out your customers for promotions, email notifications, allocations, what have you.

    MailChimp and VineSpring

    We also have our mailing list which has a tight integration with MailChimp. You can synchronize your data of customers and customer groups over to MailChimp so you can send out your email notifications from there.


    In the products area, we have allocations. You can store your bottle shots, we have inventory where you can manage your individual bottle counts across different locations, ensuring you don't sell out. We have promotions which you can use for ways of incentivizing your customers to buy more wine. For clubs, very easy to use. Within each club, you set up a shipment, you assign the bottles that go with that shipment and then you can easily, in batch, create orders for all members.


    As you can see here, we have a full suite of reports through all the different sales channels. Also, in our site section, you can see that these are all the general defaults, the shipping, the zones, the methods. We also have a full help section. So if we're not around at ten o'clock at night, you can go in and see how to do something. We have elastic search, which is global search throughout your account. You just easily type in the information that you want to see and then you can go into that from there. So in this case, I want to look at a customer profile. I can see that it's well laid out all on one page. I have information about the customer, individual customer notes, which groups they're assigned to, which clubs they have. You can also see some of their recent orders. If you have the customer on the phone you can easily start an order right away. You can also log in on the website side as the customer. So if they're having trouble logging in or if you're just trying to test something you can go in and easily do that.

    Square Point of Sale

    One thing that we don't have in this demo today, but I'd love to share some ideas with you as far as our integration with our Square point of sale. It's a way the information transfers both ways; customers, orders, inventory, products. It's a great way to leverage the simplicity of Square for the in-person transactions and then leaving the simplicity of the off-site or not present transactions, again, using all of that in VineSpring. So I hope this helps get you a general idea of how the system is laid out, how easy VineSpring is to use.