Starter Standard Professional
$99 $199 $399
Great for getting started with clubs and allocations. Everything in Starter plus tools to help you manage a growing DTC model and in-person sales. Everything in Standard plus tools to customize clubs, storefronts, reporting, and full Square POS integration.


Starter Standard Professional
Processing (online)
VineSpring Payments is built on Stripe, the new standard in online processing.
3.5% + $0.30
per transaction
3.2% + $0.30
per transaction
3.0% + $0.30
per transaction
Processing (in-person)
VineSpring is a partner with Square for in person transactions.
2.75% 2.75% 2.75%
Free Customer Support
We pride ourselves on providing great customer support, free.
Customer Relationship Management
Manage all of your customers in one place via the VineSpring admin.
Allocations (Basic)
Assign specific quantities of product to your customers who must login to view their allocation.
Clubs (Basic)
Create and manage a club which sends shipments on a regular basis.
Secure Hosted Online Store
Every account comes with an out of the box, mobile responsive, hosted storefront that takes minutes to configure.
Reporting (Basic)
VineSpring provides great reporting tools to view your sales and other reports.
Smarter Saved Credit Cards
Automatically update stored credit cards is included with every VineSpring account.
Inventory Management
Set up and manage inventory pools to keep track of product.
Allocations (Advanced)
Includes wish list tools that will save you time.
MailChimp Auto-Sync
Automatically syncs customers to MailChimp. No manual steps needed.
Square POS (Basic)
Accept credit cards in-person and process using the VineSpring admin interface with Square card readers.
ShipCompliant Integration
VineSpring is a Gold Certified Partner with ShipCompliant.
Custom Storefront
Instead of using our out of the box storefront, create a custom storefront on your own website dynamically linked to VineSpring.
Custom Reporting
Hire VineSpring to build a custom report for you and append to your VineSpring portal.
Square POS (Advanced)
Connect your Square POS system to VineSpring and see orders and customers generated in Square syncronize to VineSpring.