Weekly Roundup | A Connected and Customizable Ecosystem for Craft Beverages

In this week’s roundup, VineSpring announces its new, connected and customizable platform to the world. Customer loyalty is the crux to future revenue and hard seltzers go viral by capitalizing on trends and using the tax laws to their advantage. Out-of-state DTC shipping kicks off in Florida and Gen Z could be even more important for producers than Millennials. 

VineSpring Releases a New, Connected and Customizable Commerce Platform

Our new platform provides craft producers with technology that allows them to personalize their customer’s experience, automate the release process, and enable club and allocation members to customize their order.

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Why Should Customers Buy Your Wine?

If you, as the producer, don’t know why customers should buy your wine, selling becomes nearly impossible. Wineries who dive deep into the needs and wants of their customers have a much higher success rate selling to them.

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How Tax Policy Gave Us White Claw

It’s a wonder that the White Claw craze didn’t happen sooner. Spiked Seltzer may resemble vodka soda, but there’s no vodka in that can. By fermenting sugar to create the beverage, spiked sparkling water producers were able to skirt expensive taxes and create a lucrative, and wildly popular, product.

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Out-of-State Wine Shipping Options Expand in Florida

The Florida Department of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco recently overturned the ban on out-of-state wine shipping to residences, deeming the ban unconstitutional. For over a month now, out-of-state retailers have been shipping wine direct-to-consumer in Florida through common carriers like FedEx and UPS. 

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Gen Z Wine Consumers: What Do They Want from the Wine Industry?

It’s impossible to sift through industry news without being smacked with multiple articles on how to capture the Millennial market. But what about Gen Z? Learn why this generation may be even more vital.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle