Weekly Roundup | Building a Remarkable Presence On and Offline

In this week’s roundup, watch a recorded webinar that will teach wineries and breweries best practices around creating and testing releases. Learn how to stand out online in a sea of competition and find the right balance for your social posting. 2019 is more than halfway over; what predictions were right in this year’s Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report? Lastly, sales data reveals that Generation X has huge buying potential in the wine market as long as wineries can remain authentic.

Webinar: Create and Launch a Great Release

When you only release once or twice a year, it can be challenging to remember all of the pieces that go into the launch. VineSpring is here to help. Watch our recorded webinar to learn best practices around creating and testing releases.

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How to Stand Out Online

As the popularity of smartphones and social media rises, attention spans are shrinking. So, how can wine producers cut through the noise? Storytelling, in the right way, could be the answer you’re looking for. 

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How Often to Post on Social Media

What’s the happy medium between bombarding your followers with constant posts or posting so sporadically that followers lose interest? It’s a delicate balance and one that should be specific to your business and social audience. Read these guidelines to help figure out the right cadence. 

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Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report 2019 Mid-Year Update

Using data to understand the current trends, and new market predictions can help influence data-driven business decisions. Looking back at the Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report halfway through the year reveals both surprising and expected results.

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Wine Industry Looks to Millennials for Growth, but Sales Data Shows Gen X Holds the Real, Immediate Potential

With all the talk about Millennials, Gen X seems to be left behind. New sales data reveals that this is a huge mistake. With greater financial resources, people currently between the ages of 37 and 52 place higher value orders than other generations and are looking for authenticity and intimate experiences. 

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle