Weekly Roundup | Tactics for Winery Success

In this week’s roundup, learn how wineries can tackle technical projects and how to tell a compelling story about your brand. Get tips for selecting the perfect wine influencer and see whose gaining from California’s excess harvest. Wine sales soar despite emerging competition and hard seltzer takes market share from sparkling wine. Plus, let loose and laugh a little at SNL’s celebrity wine skit.

Wineries: Tackle Technical Projects in 5 Steps

As a winery owner, tackling technical projects can feel overwhelming. Let us show you five steps to help you successfully undertake your winery’s next technical project and make it easier to delight your customers.

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How To Tell The Stories Of Wine

Crafting a personal and relatable story that compels consumers to engage more with your brand through your wine is easier said than done. Learn from an Italian winery that targeted consumers in Asia with their storytelling.

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8 Tips for Selecting a Wine Influencer Partner

Select your influencers wisely as they become the face of your brand. See these eight tips for narrowing down your search to someone who you can rely on to boost your brand’s visibility.

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Too Much a Good Thing? Record Wine Grape Harvest in California's Top Regions Make Way for Brand-Builders

The abundant 2018 Californian harvest uncovers an opening for opportunistic vintners looking for excess fine wine. Pricing has cooled down compared to a year ago and there is plenty of wine available for those wineries and vintners that don’t have their own vineyards or production facilities.

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U.S. Wine Sales Rise 9 Percent in March Despite Headwinds

Wine sales in the last twelve months have been strong with March seeing an even bigger rise at a 9 percent increase compared to 2018. So far, cannabis doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting the wine sales and direct-to-consumer shipments continue to rise.

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What’s Fueling the Rapid Growth of Hard Seltzer?

By positioning themselves as the alcoholic beverage for convenience and health, hard seltzers are on the rise. These drinks have had the biggest impact on the sparkling wine category. Can spritzers take back some of the market share?

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‘SNL’ Pokes Fun at Celebrity Wine Brands in ‘Chalmers Reserve’ Sketch Featuring Emma Stone

Just for fun, here’s a recent skit on SNL that pokes fun at celebrity wine brands.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle