Weekly Roundup | Team Bonding and DTC Milestones

In this week’s roundup, we’re highlighting VineSpring’s yearly team retreat. An important Supreme Court ruling that could change DTC wine shipping forever is still yet to be announced. Luxury brands use increased budgets to raise the stakes on Instagram and Connecticut is now the newest state to offer DTC wine shipping for retailers. Wine Intelligences checks in on their 2019 predictions now that we are halfway through the year and wine companies use creative marketing to get their brands seen with minimal advertising.

The VineSpring Team Connects in Sonoma

As a remote team, VineSpring's yearly retreat is vital to renewing creative and collaborative energy. This year, we were generously hosted at Durell Vineyard in Sonoma Country. Learn more about what we did during the retreat and how we outsmarted a team of Google engineers!

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Supreme Court Wine Ruling Still Pending

The wine industry is sitting on pins and needles as they wait for the Supreme Court ruling that could fundamentally change DTC. The delay in the verdict could indicate a monumental ruling. Only time will tell.

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How Luxury Brands Are Raising the Stakes on Instagram

On a platform that once offered an even playing field for brands both big and small, big bucks are changing the game as large luxury players attempt to drown out the competition on instagram.

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Connecticut Will Permit Direct Shipping of Wine by Retailers in July

Connecticut has become the latest state to permit direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping of wine by out-of-state retailers. Retailers looking to ship wine into Connecticut will not have to follow the same regulations that have long applied to wineries.

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How Are Those 2019 Predictions Doing?

Wine Intelligence looks back at the five predictions they made last December about the 2019 wine industry. See where their predictions hold up now that we are halfway through the year.

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How Wine Companies Build Their Brands With Little Advertising

Wineries don’t need to spend astronomical amounts on advertising. From carefully constructed labels to well-thought out partnerships, there are options for catching the eye of potential customers.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle