Weekly Roundup | Why Proactive Brands Win

In this week’s roundup, we highlight VineSpring support guru, Britney Yunker, and the newest member of the team, General Manager Kent Nowlin. See how proactive wineries move the needle with clubs in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space and discover how past events have shaped today’s drinks culture. An Italian winery rolls out a fresh take on influencer marketing and the importance of brands self-publishing is discussed. 

VineSpring Team Spotlight | Britney Yunker

In case you don't already know her, meet Britney, VineSpring's support guru. She was VineSpring’s first employee and has a knack for helping wineries and breweries succeed with DTC sales. Learn about how she became an expert and what her number one tip is for wine and beer clubs. 

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Press Release | Kent Nowlin Joins VineSpring as General Manager

VineSpring has welcomed former General Manager and leader from ShipCompliant, Kent Nowlin, to the team. Kent brings strategic leadership and accountability to the VineSpring team as they roll out the next-generation platform.

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When Wine Clubs Work Well: The Importance of Being Proactive in the Direct-To-Consumer Space

DTC marketing is always evolving along with consumer behavior and buying trends. Smart wineries are able to pivot and use technology to help them make important business decisions. 

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The Year That Broke California Wine

Modern trends and our evolving sense of taste have us living in a culture of luxury; obscure grapes, natural wines, and spontaneously fermented wild ales. But how did we get here? This article explores the past and how it has shaped today.

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Why This Italian Winery Is Taking a Different Approach to Influencer Marketing

Italian winery Pasqua was thinking outside of the box when they launched an international marketing campaign last year. Instead of just offering influencers payment and product in return for their efforts, they saw an opportunity to offer them something different. 

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Why Drinks Brands Need to Act like Publishers & Create Content

For drink brands that want to stand out, churning out original content is essential. We are all publishers now as it’s how consumers expect to be sold to and it encourages loyalty to those who do it well.

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