Weekly Roundup | The Fate of Wine Shipping and the Steady Rise of Craft Beverages

In this week’s roundup, we recap the recent Tennessee Supreme Court case and what it means for the future of wine shipping. Premium private label brands are on the rise and AR gives brands a unique way to connect with consumers. If you ship into Texas, get ready;Texas plans to do an audit on out-of-state wine shippers. In the beer world, sales are up for small and independent craft brewers and spiked seltzers are giving the country’s top beers a run for their money. 

The Supreme Court's Decision Has Cascading Effects for the Wine Industry

What does the recent Supreme Court ruling mean for your DTC program? We poured through  recent articles surrounding the Supreme Court case Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Thomas in an effort to summarize what the verdict of this case means for wineries and how it could shape the future of wine shipping. 

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The Rise of Premium Private Label and Its Impact on Discount Retailers

Looking at the sales over the past year, the rise of the private label is clear. Consumers are more willing to splurge on store brands than brand name products than they were in the past. See what this means for retailers and manufacturers. 

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How AR Is Reinventing Drinks Marketing

Today’s consumers are experience-obsessed and Augmented Reality (AR) is one way beverage brands are getting on their radar… and instagram feeds. AR allows brands to share their message like never before, giving their customers an intimate experience through their smartphones. 

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Texas Announces Upcoming Audits of DTC Wine Shippers

If you sell into Texas, get ready for an audit! The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has announced that on September 1st, 2019, they will conduct audits of Out-of-State Winery Direct Shipper permit holders. 

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Brewers Association Reports Continued Growth for Small and Independent Brewers

According to the Brewers Association, grow remained steady in the first half of 2019 for small and independent craft brewers while production volume was up. Most of this growth stems from microbreweries, taprooms, and brewpubs while the distribution landscape remains more challenging for regional craft brewers. 

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Beer Sales Are Up, but It’s Because of White Claw

Beer sales are up, but it’s not all because of hoppy beverages. Leading the way in sales growth are flavored malt beverages. White Claw’s sales dominated the fourth of July holiday and spiked seltzers are making the country’s top beers look bad.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle