2018 Winery Benchmark Report


VineSpring opened its doors in 2011 as a business born from a winery owner’s desire to improve his processes. Over the past seven years, we’ve grown from a company serving a small handful of clients to one that works with hundreds of wineries and breweries across the country.

From Alaska to Texas and California to New York, our clients are diverse. Our clients rely on VineSpring to host their eCommerce stores, manage their clubs and allocations, and integrate seamlessly with email, accounting, compliance, and Point of Purchase (POS) software.

Our benchmark report takes a look at our current client roster to provide an overview of their performance in 2018. See where VineSpring clients are located, where they ship most of their wine to and how their wine clubs are doing.

How does your business compare? When you’re plugging away at your own business, sometimes you forget to look up. Perhaps your club performance is above our average, or you realize that you could be shipping more of your product to Washington, DC. Every business is different and while you may excel in certain areas, there could be other areas where you need to roll up your sleeves and put in some additional effort.

As you know, this industry stands on hard work and strong relationships, and we’re proud to support such great clients!


If you need help launching your own club, or want tried-and-true tips on how to grow your club, enroll in Secrets of Successful Wine Clubs.