Customer On-Boarding


Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the VineSpring family! You are now one of over 400 wineries and breweries who use VineSpring to power their eCommerce, club, and allocations management.

Customer Support

We have a comprehensive support site and a world class support team that is standing by to help. Search for answers or reach us by phone, chat, and email support. You don't need to mess with filling out a ticket or waiting around for days to get a response.


The VineSpring Blog

Have you checked out the VineSpring blog yet? Keeping up with advances in technology and industry news can be a challenge so we regularly publish news updates and tip for growing your business. Subscribe to the blog and we’ll send you weekly updates for the latest news and DTC best practices.  


VineSpring Resources

For even more resources, check out our resource center. There you can find educational series for launching and growing clubs, best practices for choosing DTC vendors, case studies and more!

Initial VineSpringSet Up

The on-boarding process for VineSpring is easier than you think! Our team is working behind the scenes to set up your account and there are a few steps you need to take to get things rolling.

Step 1: Account Setup

The first thing new VineSpring customers need to do is establish their account login.

To set up your account, go to the VineSpring Admin Panel by clicking here.

  • Click reset password

  • Enter your email address

  • Click “send password reset

You will receive a link via email to reset your password and gain access to the admin panel. Follow the directions to establish a password.

Step 2: Customize Payment Options

Your VineSpring account is pre-configured to accept and store credit cards securely. Some information must be entered to customize payments to your business. 

  • Log into your account

  • Click on “Business Settings” and complete the form

  • Click on “Legal Entity” and complete the form

  • Click on “Bank Account” and complete the form

When finished, you should see the status at the top of the page change to "Verified."

Step 3: Establish Shipping and Tax Rates

Once you have your account and payments set up, send VineSpring the shipping and tax rates you would like entered into VineSpring. We’ll make sure these are configured correctly for your account.

Once the initial configuration of VineSpring is complete, we’ll introduce you to one of our VineSpring Support team members who will schedule a tutorial of the system and make sure you are ready to launch.


Once these steps are complete, our help guide and support team can help you through whatever other specific set up is necessary for your business. Below we have listed resources to common questions that new customers ask.

  • I use ShipCompliant. How to I connect my account to VineSpring?

  • How can I access my hosted storefront?

  • How do I upload new products and product information?

  • How do I set up Square integration?

  • Who can I talk to for data migration from


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