Press Release | Kent Nowlin Joins VineSpring as General Manager

July 31, 2019: VineSpring, a subscription-based eCommerce platform for wineries and breweries, appointed Kent Nowlin, a veteran leader in the wine business technology space, to oversee the business.

In hiring Nowlin, a former General Manager and long-time leader at ShipCompliant, VineSpring is investing in growing its business. The technology company supports over 500 craft beverage business clients and is laying the foundation to enhance its technology and serve more wineries and breweries.

Chris Towt, co-founder and CEO of VineSpring, says, “Kent is a natural fit for VineSpring and at just the right time. As we begin to roll out our next-generation platform to more craft producers, Kent brings strategic leadership and accountability to the entire VineSpring team.”

Kent Nowlin, VineSpring General Manager

Kent Nowlin, VineSpring General Manager

Nowlin spent nearly a decade at ShipCompliant, the primary technology company in beverage alcohol compliance, where he managed the company’s finance, operations, and sales teams until eventually becoming the General Manager.

During his tenure, he not only participated in the successful vertical growth of ShipCompliant’s wine channel, but also its horizontal expansion in the beer, spirits, and general online retail channels. He looks forward to drawing on this experience to continue building VineSpring’s multi-channel success.

“I love the craft industry and I’m excited to bring my passion and experience to VineSpring to help producers strengthen the lifetime value of their subscription customers. My top priority is to improve VineSpring’s collaboration with existing clients, prospects, and partners to create the most valuable platform in the industry,” Nowlin said.