Weekly Roundup | The Future of Alcohol eCommerce and DTC Shipping

In this week’s roundup, learn about hub-and-spoke technology and how it gives wineries and breweries the freedom to craft the perfect customer experience. Explore the long and winding road to DTC wine shipping in America and how recent court cases could affect the future of DTC shipping. Luxury brands duke it out to win the hearts of millennials and Facebook releases new policies that could affect your winery or brewery. 

The Benefits of Hub-and-Spoke Technology

Hub-and-spoke removes the reliance on all-in-one systems and provides your business the power to control and configure your ideal customer experience. Learn the benefits of having all of your systems talk to one another, and each of those technologies contributing their industry best to the overall winery or brewery experience.

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What’s Next in the DTC Shipping of Alcohol?

Oklahoma just became the 45th state to allow DTC wine shipping last October. It’s been a long and intensive effort to get this many states onboard. Read about how we got to where we are today, what the current holdups are, and what we’ve learned from the past. 

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What the Supreme Court Said—and Didn’t Say—About Wine

The immediate impact of the recent Supreme Court case, Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Thomas, was local; the two-year rule for getting a license was struck down. But what is in store for the rest of the nation? See what the decision means and what’s next as more cases are being brought to court in its wake.

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Inside The Luxury Industry’s Fight For Millennials’ Hearts, Minds, and Wallets

The entire luxury market is racking their brains on how to win over the hearts, minds, and dollars of consumers under thirty-five. Brands are betting that if they can earn loyalty while consumers are young, that they can reap the benefits in the years to come. See what strategies are working so far. 

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Facebook and Instagram to Restrict Content Related to Alcohol, Tobacco, and E-Cigarettes

Wineries and breweries beware; Facebook is unveiling a new policy that restricts sales and limits content related to alcohol. This policy prohibits all private sales, trades, transfers, and gifting of alcohol products on Facebook and Instagram and restricts content to adults only.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle