Weekly Roundup | Amplify the Customer Experience

In this week’s roundup, we explore the SVB report and how wineries can refocus their efforts, a recap of the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, how to use data to heighten personalization and increase sales, how Yellow Tail conjured up customer engagement to boost their Super Bowl ad, and loosened restrictions on social media advertising in California.

The 2019 Wine Report—Refocus Your DTC Strategy for 2019

Silicon Valley Bank recently released the 2019 State of the Industry report. The two standout takeaways have to do with generational differences in buying behaviors and an expected plateau of growth. Hear our take on what this means for wine industry marketing and DTC sales.


Symposium Takeaway: Wine Must Compete for Hearts and Pocketbooks

People from every area of the wine industry bumped elbows at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium this week. The main buzz in the air was around how the industry needs to change in order to deal with mounting competition and slowing demand.


Personalization: Using Data to Improve Every Aspect of the Customer Experience

Personalization means a lot more than including recipient names in a customer email. The key is delivering a personalized experience across multiple channels that addresses each stage of the customer journey. Collect and use data to better target and serve your audience.


Yellow Tail Harnesses Power of Social Media for Third Super Bowl Ad

Obviously, not everyone has a Yellow Tail sized wallet for Super Bowl level commercials, but there is a lot to learn from their efforts to engage an audience through social media. See how their feel-good campaign turned heads and built customer loyalty.


A Picture (On Instagram) Is Worth a Thousand Words

Social media lovers rejoice! Restrictions have been loosened, and now alcohol suppliers in California can advertise events on social media. See why this is so exciting and what the restrictions are.