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Weekly Roundup | Cultivating a Better Virtual Shopping Experience

In this week’s roundup, we explore how wineries and breweries can increase their online sales by implementing automation and personalization, and give tips on engaging with wine consumers across multiple digital platforms. We listen to an interview with Paul Mabray on using tech and data in the wine industry, and look at what appeals to younger generations of wine buyers. Lastly, we review some proposed bills in Oregon that would affect the labeling out-of-state winemakers, and listen to brewery owners’ advice on how to open new taprooms.

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Weekly Roundup | Wanted: Winery Innovation

In this week’s roundup, we discuss how connecting with customers over the phone is still relevant in the digital age, Washington D.C.’s new sales tax rules for out-of-state and online wineries, learnings from this year’s Unified conference, a new app that connects wineries to customers, and how innovation is needed to satisfy emerging industry trends.

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