Weekly Roundup | Keeping Your DTC Finances Straight, Sonoma’s Peak, Getting Started with Email Marketing, Rethink Customizing Your eCommerce, and Money’s Affect on Wine.

In this week’s roundup, we explore the guidelines for selecting bookkeeping software for your winery, if Sonoma has reached its peak, ideas for how to get started with email marketing, rethinking eCommerce and storefront customization, and how money could be hurting wine.

Keep Your Finances Straight with the Right Bookkeeping Software

The wine business creates some unique accounting challenges.You need software that doesn’t add to the complexity. VineSpring guides you on how to select a bookkeeping software that will integrate seamlessly with your other solutions. 


Is Sonoma Reaching ‘Peak Wine’?

The wine industry has been on a trajectory since 1993, with California as a major US player. Some think the growth spurt is over. See what this could mean for Sonoma. 

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6 Ideas for Where to Start in Email Marketing

With an ROI that’s impossible to ignore, email marketing has proven itself as one of the most effective channels for marketers. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here are some ideas to get you started. 


Why Your eCommerce System Doesn’t Need to Be Customized

It’s a common perception that eCommerce and online storefronts should perfectly mimic a brand’s website. Leslie Osborne, Head of Product at VineSpring, challenges that expectation in a recent article on Wine Industry Advisor.


Money & Wine: Good, Bad & Ugly

Right now is an excellent time to be a wine drinker. Wine from all over the world is more accessible and available at more price points than ever before. But, could money be ruining wine?  

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