VineSpring Case Study: Matthiasson Wines

Jill and Steve Matthiasson, the husband and wife team behind Matthiasson Wines are farmers first. With a history in sustainable agriculture and involvement in the local food movement, they started Matthiasson Wines in 2003 based on those values. Matthiasson has amassed a following among those who also appreciate the farm-to-table movement and the freshest food and wines.


In the beginning, Matthiasson stuck strictly to wholesale operations. In 2006, after realizing the potential for DTC sales, they started selling on their website and kicked off their wine club program in 2011.

As their enthusiasts grew, so did their need for a better, more scalable solution to manage their online sales. Read the Matthiasson Wines Case Study to learn more about the winery and how they used VineSpring to scale their DTC business, provide a better experience for their customers, and transform internal DTC operations.

CultureAndrea Steffes-Tuttle