Weekly Roundup | The Changing Wine eCommerce Economy

In this week’s roundup, learn more about who’s behind VineSpring migrations and discover which states are most interested in buying wine online. Rob McMillan of Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division gives his opinion on recent industry trends and wineries are getting creative to keep families happy. Lastly, a proposed tax plan in Illinois threatens to increase taxes on wine, beer, and liquor.

VineSpring Employee Spotlight: Amy Parker

If you’ve migrated data to VineSpring, chances are Amy was the one guiding your transition. She is a vital link between VineSpring customers, our support team, and the product team. Learn more about Amy, what she does at VineSpring, and where she escapes to when she needs a change of scenery.

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A Report Shows State-By-State U.S. Consumer Interest In Alcohol eCommerce

If you sell your wine online, it’s essential to pay attention to America’s eCommerce shopping habits. A new report shows which US states are most interested in online shopping. The top five states that search terms for online wine purchasing might surprise you.

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How The Wine Industry Can Do A Better Job Of Attracting Millennials

The Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division founder and executive vice president, Rob McMillan, expressed his views on current wine industry trends and data in a recent video broadcast. How to use data, market to millennials, and increase tasting room visits were the topics on the top of Rob’s list.

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Wineries Innovate to Build Domestic Demand

To maintain demand, some Northern California wineries are getting creative with family amenities. As family visits to wineries increase, wineries need to find ways to keep kids happy and engaged while their parents sample the latest vintages.

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Raising Liquor Taxes in Illinois Will Become an Absolute Folly

Illinois already has some of the highest taxes on alcohol in the country and a new proposal aims to take them even higher.  Opponents argue that this would further increase illegal liquor coming over the boarder from other states.

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