Weekly Roundup | How Wineries Can Use Data and Technology to Get Ahead

In this week’s roundup, learn how technology can assist with complex allocations and the barriers around direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine shipping continue for Alabama. Rob McMillan uses data to devise ways to attract millennials and MailChimp expands their offerings beyond email. Lastly, Wine-Searcher reveals which states are the most curious about wine.

How Technology Can Power the Future of Allocations

Unlike a wine club-led program, allocations have more flexibility and as a result, more complexity. The challenge for wineries is to reward customer buying behaviors while making sure that they intelligently distribute the wine across all allocations members. See how technology can help.

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Legislation to Remove DTC Barriers Continue Nationwide

The bill that would open up Alabama to direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine shipping has failed. While the bill passed in the House of Representatives, it later died in the Senate and was referred to a study committee. Steve Gross of Wine Institute hopes to return to Alabama in the future to revisit the issue. Five states remain resistant to DTC wine shipping.

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How Wineries Can Better Market to Millennials

While many wineries collect data, many fail to use that data to make business decisions. Rob McMillan from Silicon Valley Bark’s wine division did a deep dive into statistics derived from 1,000 wineries. See how he thinks wineries could use their data to better attract younger wine buyers.

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More Than Ever, MailChimp Is About Way More Than Mail

MailChimp is known as a popular email marketing platform but in recent years they’ve been expanding into other marketing offerings for small businesses. Now on top of their smart email tools, you can send real postcards in the mail or utilize their social media tools. See what else is coming down the pipeline that could help your winery.

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Who's Winning the US Search Wars?

Wine-Searcher does some research of their own as they look deep into their search figures over the last twenty years. Surprisingly, Virginia tends to be packed full of curious and adventure seeking wine lovers. See what other data reveals about US wine interest.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle