Weekly Roundup | Compose the Ideal Customer Experience

In this week’s roundup, we report on the hub-and-spoke model and how you can craft the perfect customer experience in your web store. We review the changes Oklahoma has made to their DTC permitting process and explore the challenging process of marketing to millennials. We also take a look at highlights from two recent industry events; Wonder Woman of Wine conference and WiVi Central Cost conference.

A Focus on the Hub-and-Spoke Model

We see the appeal in all-in-one systems, but in our experience, there are more benefits to using and pairing best-of-breed systems. See how the hub-and-spoke model works hand-in-hand with webhooks and APIs to give you the flexibility to configure the ideal customer experience.

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Oklahoma Eliminates DTC Bond Requirement

Oklahoma has updated their permitting process for direct-to-consumer wineries who will be shipping into the state. See what the changes are so you can be sure that your winery remains compliant.

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The Maddening Business of Marketing to Millennials

There has been a lot of talk about marketing wine to millennials lately. But are we wasting our time and overlooking other generations? While millennials may be important wine consumers in the future, we shouldn’t forget about their predecessors.

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Wonder Women Of Wine Conference Fosters Equality In A Male-Dominated Industry

Recently the Wonder Women of Wine (WWOW) conference was hosted in Austin, TX. This was the first national conference advocating for gender equality in the male dominated wine industry. Learn about how this organization plans to impact the industry.

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Expanding Market Reach in Evolving Retail World

The WiVi Central Coast conference was earlier this week and drew record attendance. Keynote speaker Christian Navarro, president and principal for Wally’s Wine & Spirits, gave advice on how to immerse brands into consumers lives. His advice can also be adapted for creating a desirable destination online.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle