Allocations: Best Practices for a Successful Release Webinar

Allocations have become an excellent revenue source and an important relationship-building tool for wineries.

In general, wineries do a great job of being customer-focused, and that focus needs to be present in all areas of the business, especially in allocations. The VineSpring platform was built with this in mind. Over the years, we've worked with many highly-allocated wineries to build successful programs.

In an effort to share our experience with the industry,  we recently hosted an online training for our customers that we’d love to share. In this training, VineSpring Co-Founder, Chris Towt, and Head of Customer Success, Britney Yunker, discuss how to define allocation levels and establish wishlists to form lasting relationships with customers and further elevate your brand’s reputation. To help explain the process, Chris and Britney walk through a few examples of wineries who are using VineSpring's platform in creative ways to enhance their allocations. They also discuss how technology is changing and what we can expect in the future of allocations.


Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about using the VineSpring platform to enhance your allocations program.

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