Weekly Roundup | Cultivating a Better Virtual Shopping Experience

In this week’s roundup, we explore how wineries and breweries can increase their online sales by implementing automation and personalization, and give tips on engaging with wine consumers across multiple digital platforms. We listen to an interview with Paul Mabray on using tech and data in the wine industry, and look at what appeals to younger generations of wine buyers. Lastly, we review some proposed bills in Oregon that would affect the labeling out-of-state winemakers, and listen to brewery owners’ advice on how to open new taprooms.

Boost eCommerce Sales with Personalization and Automation

Consumers spent billions on Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) wine shipments in 2018. It’s no longer enough to simply make your wine or beer available online. In order to attract and retain customers, you’ve got to make every shopper feel like you know them.

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4 Digital Marketing Tips for Engaging with Wine Consumers

These days everyone is spending a significant amount of time online and there are countless companies competing for consumers' attention. It’s no longer effective to rely on one form of digital communication. Learn tips for engaging through email, social media, your website, and digital advertising.

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Using Data And Tech For Marketing In The Wine Industry with Paul Mabray

Hear an interview with Paul Mabray, CEO of Emetry, on Wine Country and its relationship to new technology, data gathering, and eCommerce. Paul shares his thoughts on the limitations that wineries face and how they can overcome them with technology.  

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Millennials Buy More Wine Online and Want it to Be Organic

In 2019, wine consumers want more transparency than ever and this movement is being led by millennials. Younger generations are also growing more frustrated with in-person shopping and more comfortable buying things online.

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How to Open a Taproom in a New Market

Many breweries are starting to open taprooms father from home. From location logistics to public relations and cultivating culture, brewery owners and industry experts share their best practices for opening a taproom in a new market.

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Oregon May Soon Tighten its Wine Law for Wines Produced or Bottled in Other States

Last week the Oregon Senate proposed a bill to amend several sections of the Oregon Revised Statutes. If passed, SB 111-1 would directly impact labeling for wineries located in outside states who source bulk grapes, juice or Wine from Oregon and complete their winemaking and packaging process outside of Oregon.

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