Weekly Roundup | Compliance that Works, Improving Your Conversion Rates, Simplification of Pennsylvania DTC Reporting, Tasting Rooms that Appeal to Millennials, and the Importance of Hospitality

In this week’s roundup, we uncover a compliance solution for your winery, four things that will improve conversion rates, a simplification for DTC regulations in Pennsylvania, swanky tasting rooms that appeal to millennials, and a study that shows how kindness can trump winery reputation. 

Finding a Compliance Solution that Works for Your Winery

DTC rules and regulations can be overwhelming for wineries but there is help out there. VineSpring gives you guidelines on how to choose the right compliance solution for your business. 

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Four Things That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

An integrated marketing approach is the best way to reach your target audience. See how planned segmentation, script development, email marketing, and calling can improve conversion rates on your next DTC campaign. 

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Pennsylvania Announces Simplification of DTC Wine Shipping Reporting

It’s always good news when we hear that DTC is getting simpler! The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board sent out a notice to DWS licensees to inform them that they are no longer required to complete a quarterly zip code shipping report. 

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Tasting Rooms for the Millennial Era Sprout in Napa and Sonoma

When selling direct to consumers, small to medium-sized wineries are starting to see the benefit of upgrading their tasting rooms for a swankier experience. These six tasting rooms have upped their game so they can cement customer relationships and grow their wine clubs. 

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New Study Reveals Specific Staff Hospitality Behaviors Linked to Direct to Consumer Wine Sales

A new study shows that DTC wine sales, especially sales made in the tasting room, are directly linked to the staff’s hospitality behaviors. It was found that kindness and willingness were more important to guests than quality or winery reputation. 

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