Weekly Roundup | Preparing for DTC in Oklahoma, Wine Without Borders, Wine Harvest Kickoff, a New Nonprofit for Industry-Focused Women, and the Steady Growth of U.S. Wine Sales

In this week’s roundup, we explore how you can prepare for the newest DTC state, the impact of wine on global and local landscapes, the wine harvest kickoff in Sonoma and Napa, a new nonprofit that aims to support women in the wine and spirits industry, and the steady growth of U.S. wine sales. 

Five Things You Can Do to Prepare for Oklahoma DTC Wine Shipping

With Oklahoma opening its doors as the next DTC state, what can you do to prepare? Put these tips into action so you can get your foot in the door and establish your winery or brewery in the Sooner State.


Why Thinking About Wine Without Borders Is The New Way To Approach Wine

Next week is the first Borderless Wine symposium, held in Manhattan, where an international community will discuss how wine impacts global and local landscapes. This article interviews Peter Weltman, the host of the symposium, and his views on borderless wine. 


2018 Harvest Begins in Napa and Sonoma

The 2018 harvest is underway! With high hopes and “textbook perfect” grapes, the wine community in Napa and Sonoma buzzes with excitement. But, until the grapes are in the press, anything can happen.


New Nonprofit Mentors Women in Wine & Spirits Industry

Dream Big Darling is a new nonprofit out of Paso Robles with a mission to foster the success of women in the wine and spirits industry. To make an impact, they plan on supporting women with mentorships, educational events, and retreats for both life and professional enhancement.


U.S. Wine Sales Up Despite Import Competition

July is typically a slower month for wine purchases and DTC shipments, but not this year. U.S. wine sales showed steady growth. See where most of this growth occurred and which varietals lead the way. 


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