Weekly Roundup | Connecting with Consumers Digitally, Prop 65, Leveraging Modern Communication, Boom or Bust for Cabernet, Sustainable Oregon Vineyards

In this week’s roundup, we explore how to connect with wine consumers digitally, California’s Prop 65, how to keep up with the communication evolution, Cabernet's climb to become America’s favorite grape, and sustainable vineyards in Oregon.

Engaging Consumers Digitally with Women For Winesense

At a Women for Winesense educational workshop on website essentials, VineSpring founder, Chris Towt, presented on winery DTC sales in today's modern ecosystem. See what he has to say about building relationships with customers and winning sales digitally.


California DTC shipments Must Include Prop 65 Warnings Effective August 30th

Did you know that new regulations go into effect this August that require you to place warning statements on all shipments to California? Make sure you comply so you don’t get caught with penalties or litigations.


The Evolution of Engagement: Why Brands Need to Leverage Visuals

The way consumers communicate is constantly changing, which means brands need to follow suit. With the recent uptick in social and messaging applications, digital communication has evolved beyond the "like" button and has become more expressive for everyone involved.


The Cabernet Boom and Its Discontents

Cabernet Sauvignon has surpassed Chardonnay as America’s favorite grape. With higher prices, climbing vineyard valuations, and increased Cabernet plantings, it’s hard to miss its impact. Will this noble grape continue to boom or eventually go bust?


Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability: Winegrowers go green for future generations

A whopping 48 percent of Oregon vineyards are certified sustainable and committed to setting an example for future generations. Check out these Pacific Northwest wineries to learn what they are doing to build a better future.