Weekly Roundup | eCommerce Tax Changes, Redefining American Wine, Acoustics in the Tasting Room, the Role of Wine Festivals, and Working Remote in the Wine Industry

In this week’s roundup, we explore a Supreme Court ruling that will affect eCommerce, producers from unlikely places that are redefining American wine, the impact of proper acoustics on the palate, the evolving role of wine festivals, and tips on how to make working remotely a success.

Supreme Court Rules That States May Tax eCommerce: What Does This Mean for DtC Wine Sales?

Changes are on the horizon for eCommerce sales tax. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states may require online retailers to collect and remit sales tax regardless of where the seller is based. See how this may affect wineries. 

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Meet the Producers That are Redefining American Wine

While the West Coast dominates the wine scene, you shouldn’t ignore the world-class bottling going on in unlikely places like New Mexico, Michigan, Texas, and Vermont. Get to know a few of the winemakers that are turning heads in these often overlooked wine regions. 

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Improving the Guest Experience in a Tasting Room Using Artful Display to Control Acoustics

Taste and smell are the two senses we dominantly think of in our tasting rooms, but what impact does sound have? This article explores the surprising influence of acoustics on a taster’s palate and overall wine tasting experience.

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Rethinking the Role of Wine Festivals in the Age of Yelp and Instagram

Tablas Creek Vineyard gives a first-hand account of the evolving impact of festivals and social media on their business. See how their investment in their community has brought them returns.  

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Working Remote at VineSpring

In any business, but especially in a remote business, getting the entire team on the same page can be difficult. See how VineSpring finds the perfect balance of people, processes, and technology.

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