Weekly Roundup | Email for Wine Clubs, New Virginia License, Satellite Technology, Social Media Limitations, Bottle Photography

In this week's roundup, we explore creating a welcome email series for wine clubs, Virginia's new license implications, earth observation technologies, unexpected social media limitations for wine, and how to create perfect bottle images.

Email Marketing for Wine Clubs

Do you want to keep your wine club members engaged and instill loyalty? Think Wine is offering a free online training course for creating a welcome email series that will increase sales and improve retention.


State Spotlight: A New Virginia License Signals Potential Advancement for Online Beer Sales

Virginia alcohol beverage regulations have been heating up in July. A variety of provisions were set to come into effect the second half of 2018. See what’s happening and how it could affect online beer sales in Virginia.


What's the Next Big Thing for Big Data and Wine? Look Up. Way, Way Up.

Satellites, or earth observation technologies, are commonly used for things like street-level imaging and image object detection. So, how can they be used in the wine industry? See how innovating companies are using this technology for crop monitoring and correlating satellite data with consumer data.


Three Social Media No-Nos For Wine Producers

The Tied House rules were designed to prevent any one tier of business from having too much control of wine sales. Now, these rules are limiting social media in some unexpected ways. See how you can avoid crossing a legal line without realizing it.


How to Create Perfect Bottle Shots

Taking photos of inanimate objects should be easy, right? Well, it’s not, which can be a problem when visual content is the closest thing your audience has to your product online. This article lays out some tips for hiring a professional or doing it yourself.