Weekly Roundup | Enhance the Wine Consumer Experience

In this week’s roundup, we give you advice as to how to create a positive user experience (UX) on your website and share how floods impact vineyards. The million dollar question around wine shipping is discussed and the restrictive laws that limit consumer choice in New Jersey are debated. Lastly, we explore the possibilities that AR and VR give retailers.

Good UX Promises Wineries a Great First Impression

Relationships start with first impressions. And many first impressions for wineries begin when a visitor experiences your website. This makes a positive user experience (UX) critical.  We walk you through what good UX is, what the benefits are, and offer a complete guide to winery UX.

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Sonoma County Flooding: How Floods Impact Vineyards During Winter

Winter rains are vital to California vineyards year-round. This water fills reservoirs and replenishes the underground water table which are used for irrigation in dry summer months. But after many years of drought, Napa and Sonoma have experienced major flooding. See how this impacts California wine country.

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The Million-Dollar Question for Wine Shipping

We are all still waiting anxiously to see if the US Supreme Court decision over the Tennessee Wine case will affect laws banning wine retailer shipping. The million dollar question is, “where does the sale of wine occur?” See the facts and learn the history surrounding this issue.  

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Winery Asks New Jerseyans to Free the Grapes. Let Them Ship Wine to the Garden State.

Currently, New Jersey law severely limits wines that consumers can have direct-shipped from wineries to their homes. This law costs wineries revenue and restricts consumers choices. Can it be changed?

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The Four Definitive Use Cases For AR And VR In Retail

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have come a long way but how do they fit into the shopper journey? See four distinct opportunities for retailers to use these new technologies and enhance the customer experience.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle