VineSpring Winery eCommerce Releases New Feature to Attract Millennials and Beyond

VineSpring, an eCommerce provider for the most highly-allocated, boutique, premium wineries in the United States, has released a truly innovative feature to turn millennials into premium wine buyers.

Unless you’ve been hiding behind a wine barrel, you’re aware that the wine industry is finding it difficult to turn millennials into high end wine consumer. “I keep asking millennials if they prefer 2012 or 2013 Pinot Noir, but they just won’t stop creating boomerang cheers videos for Instagram stories long enough to answer!” reported a flustered winemaker in Sonoma Valley. With $600 billion in US spending power, the entire industry has been scratching their heads about how to connect with and sell wine to this generation. And with millennials making 54% of all of their purchases online, it’s essential this Rubik’s Cube be solved.

Fear not, we’ve found the secret weapon; Free Wine.

Try & Buy Wine

Chris Towt, VineSpring co-founder, had the a-ha moment in February. “I was shopping online for a Valentine’s Day gift when I noticed an ad for La Perla lingerie. Having never purchased luxury lingerie before, I was really happy to see the ‘Try & Buy’ option during checkout. Try it out for 48 hours and then buy or return the item. No need to buy up front? Sounds great to me.”

Chris was convinced that this is what the wine industry needs and he took the idea to his team at VineSpring and they LOVED it.

Starting April 1st, VineSpring clients can easily enable the Try & Buy feature from their VineSpring admin panel.

This new feature includes:  

  • Age verification during checkout that confirms the customer to be a millennial (between the ages of 21 and 38.)

  • A social verification that confirms that the millennial is social media savvy, therefore not an imposter baby boomer posing as a 28-year-old in skinny jeans.

  • Once age and social media presence are confirmed, a Try & Buy button appears instead of a credit card form. No payment required.

We think actually paying for something is scaring most of the younger customers away, so we replaced the credit card payment form with a Try & Buy button. All they have to do is affirm their age, social media know-how, and enter a shipping address. Oh, and we require they become a follower of the winery’s Instagram account in case we need to track them down at a later date.
— Chris Towt

This new feature will not only get millennials drinking more than just rosé-all-day, it gives alcohol producers what they need to keep communicating via their preferred method—social media.

“We think wineries will be surprised at how well this feature goes over with millennials,” says Towt, “Once the wine touches their lips, they will become buyers.”

P.S. This is an April Fool’s joke. Gotcha! :)

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle