Weekly Roundup | Expanding Wine and Beer Sales in Today’s Marketplace

In this week’s roundup, we discuss how to build product pages that make visitors want to purchase. We highlight new changes to the California ABC Act and a bill that has advanced to the Kentucky Senate that would allow DTC wine shipments. We learn how shopping malls could be a perfect location for breweries. We take a look at the states that buy the most booze. And lastly, we examine the expansion of organic wine in a health-conscious marketplace.

Best Practices for Boosting Product Page Success

In the age of Amazon single-click ordering, consumers are accustomed to a super simple online shopping experience. And while more wineries are selling online, many of their websites have unattractive, clunky product pages that turn off potential customers. We break down how to create an exceptional experience on your product pages to improve the customer experience and sell more wine and beer.


2019 Legislative Changes for California Alcohol Producers – a Blessing or a Curse?

No one will be shocked to hear that there are 2019 legislative changes for the California ABC Act. Some producers see these changes as a blessing, others as a curse. See an overview of the new changes affecting alcohol producers and their consequences.

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Legislature Could Uncork Direct Wine Shipments

Earlier this week, a bill advanced to the Kentucky Senate that would allow direct wine shipments to consumers. $3 billion of wine shipped directly to consumers last year and Kentucky is one of the few states that does not allow it. Could they be the next state to open their borders and expand the DTC reach?

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Why Breweries Are Opening Locations in Malls

Online shopping has changed the mall scene forever. But with plenty of foot traffic, parking, and financial incentives, perhaps now is the perfect time to give shopping malls a second chance.

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These Maps Reveal Which States Buy the Most Liquor, Wine, and Beer

Which states buy the most alcohol? Data wiz Bo McCready analyzed the numbers and his findings suggest that taste and preference do differ significantly depending on location. Go ahead and play with the interactive map. You might be surprised at the number one state.

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'The Organic Wine World Is in Full Expansion Mode - and Shows No Signs of Stopping!'

You hear it everywhere, people are becoming more concerned with what they eat and drink. This health-conscious way of life affects wine drinkers too. It appears that organic wine is just beginning to show it’s potential.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle