Great UX in the Wine World

Software in the wine industry is often out-of-date. According to Mckinsey, it’s typical for products in the ‘luxury’ world to be a few years behind other industries. But consumers expectations aren’t out-of-date, and people who buy luxury goods expect the best of the best.

Consider your website and your online store as an extension of your tasting room and take the same careful, intentional approach to the experience you provide online as you do offline. That experience is what sets you apart and keeps your customers coming back. VineSpring’s focus is on simplicity, and our clients often come to us because they are looking for an easier-to-use eCommerce and POS system. We love helping them grow their business through great UX.

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Below are some of the wineries that we love to show off because of their dedication to the user experience.

Brown Estate

Brown Estate produces wines sourced from Napa Valley in California. They leverage VineSpring’s wine club, allocation, and POS features.

Brown Estate
Brown Estate WInes

Dunstan Wines

Dunstan Wines is the winery of VineSpring co-founder Chris Towt, and provides the VineSpring team with real-world experience marketing and selling wine. Dunstan leverages the wine club and allocation features of VineSpring.

Dunstan Wines

Bryan Family Vineyard

Based in Napa, California, Bryant Family Vineyard produces highly allocated wines and takes advantage of allocation management software to manage their complex allocations, save time, and create a great experience for their customers.

Bryant Family Vineyards
Bryant Family Wines

These wineries use our software in a way that complements the experience they create at their winery. Their websites and online stores make it just as easy (if not easier) to buy wine online as it is in their tasting room, resulting in happy customers who keep coming back for future vintages.

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