Weekly Roundup | ‘Tis the Season for Rewarding Brand Loyalists

In this week’s roundup, we look into ways to recognize and reward your brand’s biggest fans, the industry’s numerous reinvented wheels, a new ruling in Michigan against discriminatory DTC shipping laws, what Napa winemakers really worry about, and the underbelly of expanding your brand.

Top 5 Tips for Rewarding Wine Brand Loyalists this Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching quickly. Do you have a plan in place to recognize and reward brand loyalists? Read these five tips for avoiding unauthentic gimmicks and delivering the unexpected this holiday season.


The Beverage Alcohol Industry’s Many Reinvented Wheels

Certified wine enthusiast and web development expert, Leslie Osborne, gives some insight into her decision to join VineSpring and her take on the beverage alcohol industry's competitive landscape when it comes to DTC eCommerce.


Michigan Court Rules Against Discriminatory Retailer Direct-to-Consumer Shipping Law – Again

For the second time, the District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled that a law preventing out-of-state retailers from shipping DTC to in-state retailers is unconstitutional. See how this might affect the industry and future DTC business in Michigan.


What Do Winemakers Worry About? In Napa, It's Not Wildfires.

While wildfires have caused devastation to a few unfortunate wineries, most of Napa and Napa’s wineries have other worries on their minds. See what issues keep them up at night.


Is Your Brand Built for Expansion?

Why do you want to grow and is that growth realistic? Would you rather be small and profitable or large and broke? This article explores the most common reasons why wineries want to expand and makes you think twice about what that growth really means for your business.