Weekly Roundup | A Year for the Records

In this week’s roundup, we explore a record harvest year in California, how to migrate your data to a new eCommerce system without the hassle, an influencer marketing event you don’t want to miss, relaxed regulation on California social media, and a “Catch 22” rule that has marketers and MailChimp butting heads.

2018 Could be "One for the Record Books"

Grapegrowers in Napa and Sonoma report happy grapes from an even bloom, followed by a rapid veraison, and an extended ripening period without extreme heat. This vintage could be one for the records!


Why Migrating Your eCommerce Data Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Many wineries and breweries are concerned that the data migration process involved in launching a new eCommerce system will be messy, complicated, and drawn out. VineSpring is proving them wrong!


WINE WOMEN Hosts “Influencer Marketing” on October 17th

An Influencer Marketing event hosted by WINE WOMEN will be taking over the Wine Business Center in Saint Helena next week. Don’t miss this session lead by Kristy Sammis, a pioneer and expert in influencer marketing.


California Wineries Will Be Allowed to Post Photos to Social Media Ahead of Special Events

California wineries and breweries have been restricted on how they can promote special events on social media. Starting January 1st, things will loosen up. Advocates for the new bill insist that beig prohibited from using the full scope of social media has been a disadvantage.


MailChimp Could Cancel You for Violating This “Catch 22” Rule That Every Marketer Ignores

Email marketing is effective, inexpensive, and ubiquitous. But if you violate your provider’s Terms of Service, you could face consequences.