Weekly Roundup | Trends and Compliance in Modern Beer and Wine

In this week’s roundup, we share tips for crafting a successful corporate gifting campaign for an end-of-year revenue boost. This year’s Great American Beer Festival reveals new beer trends and those involved in making it legal to sell beer to-go at Texas breweries want to teach other states how they can work together to achieve legislature reform. Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act and what wineries can do to stay compliant. Sales Tax Nexus laws went into effect in 2018 but Texas, California and New York have made changes that craft producers should know about. Lastly, see if your winery possesses the traits that often go hand-in-hand with long term success.

12 Steps For a Successful Corporate Gifting Campaign

Done right, corporate gifts can be a sizable and consistent revenue stream at year-end. With a little pre-planning and upfront thought, not only can wineries and breweries bring in extra revenue, but corporate gifting is also a great way to get product in front of a new audience. Learn the twelve steps to make this year’s corporate gifting campaign a success. 

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5 Craft Beer Trends to Watch

A few unmistakable trends stood out in a sea of beer at this year’s Great American Beer Festival, the largest annual beer competition and festival in the US. From a non-alcoholic comeback to new definitions of what “beer” is, see what is shaping the future of craft breweries. 

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Working Together for Beer Law Reform at Brewbound Live Winter 2019

Texas was holding out as the last state that did not allow beer-to-go sales at manufacturing breweries. That all changed in September and now members of the Texas Legislature, the Beer Alliance of Texas, and the Texas Craft Brewers Guild will convene at Brewbound Live Winter 2019 to share how others can achieve legislature reforms. 

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Winery Websites at the Heart of Lawsuits Over ADA Compliance Online

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established to provide equal opportunities to individuals with disabilities across different facets of public life, including digital landscapes. Winery websites are no exception and were included in a class-action lawsuit for failure to provide an accessible online platform for visually impaired users. 

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The Three Most Impactful Sales Tax Nexus Laws of 2019: California, New York, and Texas

Since the 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. decision, states can now require remote sellers to collect and remit sales tax. Three of the country's largest states, Texas, New York, and California, have made recent changes to their requirements. See what they are and make sure you are compliant. 

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The Top 10 Traits of a Successful Wine Business

There is more than one path to success. But, there are a few traits that are often found in wineries that achieve lasting success. Does your winery have those traits? See where your winery checks all of the boxes and where a little elbow grease is needed.

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