Weekly Roundup | DTC Age Crack-Down, Texas Wine Industry, OWS Recap

In this week's roundup: States cracking down on DTC age verification, lessons learned in the Texas wine industry, and a recap of the Oregon Wine Symposium 

States are Starting to Crack Down on Direct-to-Consumer Age Verification

In recent months, one common compliance rule has come to the forefront for several state alcohol enforcement agencies: time-of-sale age verifications. Arizona and Michigan have, in particular, demonstrated their firm commitment to ensuring that wineries selling DtC are checking the age of their purchasers at the time of sale.


Lessons Learned in the Texas Wine Industry

After tremendous growth in recent years, Texas-based winery owners reflect on what worked during a panel discussion at the recent annual conference of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association held at the Irving Convention Center. 


Leaders Recognized at 2018 OWS

Awards were presented to nine leaders in the Oregon wine industry to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have continued to champion the advancement of Oregon wine.

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VineSpring Represents at Oregon Wine Symposium

Last week, VineSpring attended the Oregon Wine Symposium in a surprisingly snowy Portland. The team had a great time at the event. The sessions were excellent, and our team spent most of the event at the booth, talking to wineries and partners about all things eCommerce, wine clubs, marketing, and POS.