Weekly Roundup | Emotional Selling, Wine Access Data Report, Super Bowl Beverage Sales, Wine Industry Leaders, Winery Social Media Course

This week's roundup looks at the power of emotional connection in branding, spending habits of Gen X and millennials, a new online course for winery marketers, how wine sales stack up to beer and spirits during Super Bowl weekend, and the top wine industry leaders of 2017.

Don't Discount the Business Power of Emotions

When companies succeed in getting their customers to fall in love with them, they win loyalty - think Apple and Starbucks. Read more about the impact of emotional connection on consumer purchasing decisions.


Through The Grapevine Q1’18

With a new group of customers – a mix of Gen X and millennials – we are constantly learning more about their spending habits and preferences. Explore findings from Wine Access' Q1 2018 Data Report.


Online Course: Design Your Winery’s Social Media Strategy

If you're a marketer, looking for guidance for your with social media strategy, check out the new course custom-tailored to wineries! Led by two experienced winery industry marketing professionals, this online course guides you through creating an actionable social media strategy. 


How Will Wine Fare Against Beer and Spirits in the Super Bowl LII of Adult Beverages?

If history is any indicator, beer and spirits have a heavy-weight contender in wine for Super Bowl adult beverage sales. Will wine win out again this year? See a breakdown of 2017 sales.


Top Wine Industry Leaders of 2017 from Wine Business Monthly

Across a variety of categories - from science and technology, to labor, retail and financial endeavors - Wine Business Monthly compiled its list of 2017 Top Wine Industry Leaders.


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