Weekly Roundup | 2018 Wine Industry Kickoff

2017 DTC Review, Thinking Big, Dining Trend Predictions, 2018 State of the Wine Industry Report

We're excited to kick off our new Weekly Roundup series, where we compile interesting and informative articles related to the wine and beer industry. This week's roundup includes a look at the current legal landscape for DTC wine shipments, why some wineries are migrating to larger, non-traditional storage methods, dining trend predictions from some of the biggest names in food, and the upcoming 2018 State of the Wine Industry Report.

End of 2017 Review: Winery Direct to Consumer Shipments

This past year did not see any changes with respect to the permissibility of interstate winery DtC shipments, but there is one change on the horizon in 2018.


Winemakers Need to Think Big Instead of Chasing Trends in the Cellar

The move toward alternative elevage is rapidly gaining traction. Some winemakers see it as a bit of experimentation. Others think having a mix of stainless steel, small oak, large oak, concrete, and clay in the cellar is akin to a chef having a range of pans, each suited to a different purpose.


These Will Be the Top Dining Trends of 2018, According to the Biggest Names in Food

Forward-thinkers in the food and wine world—including Tom Colicchio, Katie Button, Eric Ripert, Gail Simmons and more—share their predictions for next year.


2018 SVB State of the Wine Industry Report

Register for the 2018 SVB State of the Wine Industry Report, taking place on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 9:30am PST. Discussion topics include: wine sales growth trends and predictions for 2018, how generational trends are impacting wine demand, challenges and opportunities in e-commerce, and more.



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