Weekly Roundup | When the Industry Succeeds, We All Benefit

In the week’s roundup, we meet a VineSpring software developer, look into TTB’s goals and how they will affect your business, discuss ways to stand out in a sea of emails, learn how to build wine packages for private events, and dive into Google Analytics to gain valuable business insight.

VineSpring Team Spotlight | Parker

A successful business is made up of many moving parts. VineSpring has a dedicated team that is always working hard on making our platform the best solution for the industry. This week we are highlighting Parker, our beach-side developer who left journalism behind to challenge herself and chase her interest in coding.


When TTB Accomplishes Their Goals, We All Win

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) recently released their strategic plan that spans until 2022. Since what TTB does directly affects everyone in the alcohol beverage industry, you’ll want to know what they’re up to.


How to Improve Your Email Results With So Much Inbox Competition

There are billions of email accounts out there and even more emails being sent every day by businesses like yours. How can you compete with all that noise? See a few tips on how to make your email marketing more effective for your wine club or eCommerce store.


How to Build Profitable Wine Packages for Private Events

Juggling an event and overseeing normal service can be a challenge. SevenFifty Daily interviewed wine professionals around the country to get their advice on how to build desirable and profitable wine packages for private events.


5 Best Google Analytics Reports for Wine and Food Brands

When used correctly, Google Analytics can be a powerful tool for wineries. Through the data collected on Google Analytics, you can gain valuable insight into your website performance and business. Learn what exactly you should be paying attention to and how you can gauge customer interest and increase sales.