Weekly Roundup | The Wine Country Evolution

In this week’s roundup, VineSpring is asking you for your input; what was your most successful holiday campaign? Let us know for a chance to be featured in an upcoming article.

Also, women are in the minority when it comes to winery ownership, but that could all be changing. See how industry members are using augmented reality to support wine sustainability. The latest SBV survey comes to a close, but not without a nail-biting finish. And lastly, learn how to pull your wine club from the middle ages and into the present to rival subscription services outside the wine industry.

What Was Your Most Successful Holiday Campaign?

We’re collecting stories from wineries and breweries—we want to hear about your most successful holiday campaigns. Was there a campaign that you saw big sales from or a social post that received awesome engagement? Please email us about your experience and you could be featured in an upcoming article.

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Women-Owned Wineries on the Rise in Wine Country

In 2019, Napa and Sonoma wineries experienced one of their most successful years ever. But how does gender equality stand up in wine country? Women only make up 4 percent of winery owners but that number is on the rise.

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Augmented Reality Connect Consumers To Wine Sustainability

With environmental issues causing a spike in anxiety across the nation, could Augmented Reality (AR) help tell a message about sustainability in a powerful and fun way? See who is taking the leap into AR and what impacts have been made.

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SVB Industry Research: The New Deal

Despite a slow start with low participation rates, the latest Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) survey closed strong with 845 wineries participating. Read about the importance of this survey and the valuable partnership the wine industry has with SVB.

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Modernizing Your Wine Club

How are wineries to meet and exceed the expectations of the modern buyer? You can start by asking yourself a couple of questions about your current wine club.

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