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The end of October has been marked with flames in California. In the northern part of the state, Firefighters are pushing to contain the Kincade blaze that has threatened residents and businesses in Sonoma and beyond.  In this week’s roundup, we’re sharing fire updates and helpful resources for those affected by the fires and for those who are looking for ways to support evacuees. 

In other industry news, beer clubs are on the rise. See examples of breweries who built a fiercely loyal community and learn how to replicate it. Winegrowing regions east of the Rockies are experiencing optimal weather for a spectacular harvest.  Get tips on how to create content that cuts through the noise and welcomes engagement. And lastly, email pros give their advice on modern design that is welcomed by customers. 

Kincade Fire: Firefighters Make Progress; Residents, Businesses Survey Damage

Firefighters took advantage of dropping windspeeds on Halloween night, extending the fire containment line around 65 percent of the fire. Business owners and residents in Sonoma county have begun assessing the damage and cleaning up the destruction. 

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California Statewide Wildfire Recovery Resources

For updates on current incidents and resources such as debris removal, housing assistance, and local resource centers, visit California’s official Wildfire Recovery page.

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How to Help Kincade Fire Evacuees: Volunteer and Donate

Many are asking what they can do to help those who have been affected by the Kincade Fire. The overwhelming answer is to volunteer and donate. See how you can volunteer your time and home to help evacuees and what donation options have a direct impact.

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Thinking About Launching a Beer Club? Here’s How to Get Started.

Clubs aren’t exclusive to wineries; savvy breweries also reap the benefits of a club program. See what a successful beer club looks like and learn best practices for launching your own subscription program. 

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2019 Harvest from Texas to North Carolina: "Good" to "Spectacular!"

East of the Rockies, September is often regarded as the most important month in the growing season. In stark contrast to last year’s wet and hurricane-ridden fall, this year was dry and warm. Favorable growing conditions certainly have made a positive impact on this year’s harvest. 

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How to Optimize Facebook Posts to Drive Engagement

With the onslaught of smartphones, people’s attention spans have shrunk. Brands need to think fast on their feet if they want to drive engagement. Check out a few tactics that can help create eye-catching content that encourages the user to stop scrolling and absorb a brand’s message.  

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Thirteen Pro‑Tips for Email Design

Consider yourself lucky if you are invited into your customer’s inbox where they also communicate with friends and family. Three email marketing pros share their wisdom for a modern design so that your emails will remain welcomed addition.

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