Weekly Roundup | Compliance for Small Wineries, Pennsylvania's Wine Industry, Important Details in the Tasting Room, Rethinking Loyalty Programs, and 2018 Beer Trends

In this week’s roundup, we explore compliance for small wineries, Pennsylvania’s recent progress in the wine industry, the importance of glassware in the tasting room, ways to rethink loyalty programs, and new trends in beer.

Small Winery Compliance

Compliance management can be challenging and complex. To help you navigate through the rules and regulations, VineSpring has collaborated with Compli Beverage to bring you some useful tips.


How the Pennsylvania Wine Industry Is Rising to the Top

Pennsylvania has historically always struggled to secure legislative and financial support for their wine industry. That all changed in 2016. See what the keystone state is doing to make wine more of a priority.


The Most Vital Tool in a Winery Tasting Room

Tasting rooms are essential to the wine DTC business. Often overlooked, the wine glasses you use can play a significant role in how your wine is perceived. See how to make a good first impression and avoid lipstick stained glassware.  


Direct Wine Sales: It’s time to Rethink Loyalty Programs!

Wine club conversion and retention rates have been declining in recent years. It’s time to rethink the strategy and give your tasting room team the tools that they need for success.


Six Beer Trends Dominating the Sudsy Scene

If you’ve visited a brewery lately you might have noticed the growing popularity of Hazy IPAs, back-to-basic production techniques, and the emersion of hyperlocal beers. See what other beer trends are dominating the brewery scene in 2018.