A Modern System is a Connected System

Not that long ago, adding a shopping cart to a website meant a lot of custom integration and cost.

Today, it’s possible to get up and running with a new website and shopping experience the same day you started thinking about doing so, for very little money. The only issue is - this model applies to just about every business other than those selling wine or beer.


Because wine and beer sales are complex. Niche features like clubs, allocations, and connected compliance are only available from a handful of eCommerce providers, most of which require you to use most, if not all, of their “built-in” features. To get club and allocation software, you must also embrace their website creation tools, email marketing features, and POS to ensure data flows from one function to the other. In other words, to use club and allocations features, you must give up the other systems you’ve grown to love.

I believe the key to modernizing the beverage alcohol DTC space is to build a connected platform that provides the best club, allocation, and order management features while also making it easy to connect and take advantage of specialized platforms.

Enter the next generation of VineSpring—VS3.

Instead of building an all-in-one, we focused on building the industry’s best club and allocations tools coupled with a clean, efficient path to purchase that is easy to connect with best-of-class applications like MailChimp, Square, and ShipCompliant.

Part of the vision for VS3 is to easily connect third-party programs, so we also integrated Zapier. Zapier supports over 1000 integrations with great applications, enabling you to create the custom workflows that suit your business processes best.

We’ve also built a well-documented API with Webhooks just in case you want to build a custom integration with another system of your choice. Read more about API and Webhooks.

VS3 is completely new and rolling out to select new clients now.

It’s exciting to think where VS3 can go – it’s hugely scalable, extremely efficient, and is built from the ground up to embrace the world around us, saving you time to do what’s most important.

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