Weekly Roundup | Marketing Automation, Creative Content Ideas, DTC in Vermont, Navigating Regulations, Subscription Revolution

This week’s roundup dives into marketing automation to streamline your online business, creative content ideas, UPS opens up to DTC in Vermont, best practices for navigating regulations on eCommerce for the alcohol industry, and how the subscription economy is evolving.

Marketing Automation For Wineries

Think of your website as an extension of your tasting room that virtually transcends your customers into your unique atmosphere. The web and branding experts at Vin Agency walk us through how marketing automation can streamline and expand your online efforts.


7 Creative Content Ideas You'll Want to Steal for Your eCommerce Website

Descriptions can only go so far when selling products online. The marketing gurus at HubSpot have identified seven real campaigns that are adding extra creativity to their eCommerce for an exceptional online experience.


UPS is Now Accepting Wine Shipments in Vermont

Even though Vermont opened up DTC shipping back in 2006, UPS has not accepted wine shipments until this week. Check out this article from Compli for more details.


Route to Marketing and Marketing Restrictions - Navigating Regulatory Systems and Constraints

While selling online has never been easier for the masses, the alcohol regulatory system adds an extra layer of complication to our industry. This article advises on best practices and strategies for those trying to break in.


Rick Breslin: Waking Up to the Digital Transformation of Wine

The subscription economy has been revolutionized and Rick Breslin, of Hello Vino,  is here explain how we can use this platform to buy and sell wine online.