Weekly Roundup | Digital Marketing, Sommelier-Run Wine Clubs, Cooper’s Hawk, the Subscription Economy, New Rules for South Dakota

This week’s roundup highlights André Mack’s creative use of digital media, sommelier-run wine clubs, the influence of Cooper’s Hawk, the modernization of the subscription economy, and new rules for South Dakota.

How André Mack Uses Digital Media to Market His Wines

Sommelier André Mack, the founder, and winemaker of Maison Noir Wines, is crushing it with digital media. He’s taken his experience in the wine industry and leveraged it as a marketing tool within today’s digitally driven culture, turning engaged fans into buying customers.



Sommeliers Step Into The Wine Club Game

There’s a new trend in wine clubs: sommelier-run wine clubs. See how these sommeliers use their hard-earned knowledge to deliver high-end wine and culture without having to work a 12-hour restaurant shift.


The Changing Face of Wine in America: The Cooper’s Hawk Phenomenon

Cooper’s Hawk is one of the largest and most successful direct-to-consumer wine club programs in the world. As more of a wine-centered lifestyle brand than a traditional winery, we could all learn a lot from how Cooper’s Hawk runs their business and how it’s changing the industry.  



The State of the Subscription Economy, 2010

Forbes gives an overview of the modern subscription economy and how it’s changed over the past few years. Find out more about how this directly affects the alcohol beverage industry with The Evolving Wine Buyer in a Subscription Economy and Investing in Wine Clubs and the Subscription Model is Great for Business.


State Spotlight Series: Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping and New Rules for Malt Beverage Manufacturers in South Dakota


March was a big month for the Mount Rushmore state as the Governor signed almost a dozen bills relating to the state’s beverage alcohol statues. ShipCompliant lays out the new regulations and explains what they mean for the DTC landscape.