Weekly Roundup | Continuing the Upward Momentum for Craft Producers

In this week’s roundup, loosened restrictions are expected to make wine deliveries easier in New York and the Oregon wine industry continues its upward momentum. Consignment sales play a positive role for small producers and are being challenged by TTB. Craft breweries take a surprising turn by attracting a new consumer with non-alcoholic beer. Learn a few tips on how to craft your customer emails and watch a recorded webinar entailing an exciting new integration between Quickbooks and VineSpring.

Wine Deliveries Could Become Easier to Access in New York

New York is starting to see ripples from the June US Supreme Court ruling. Although New York law allows deliveries from in-state and out-of-state wineries, the court’s ruling has opened the door to more competition by invalidating restrictions on out-of-state retailers. 

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Strong Demand for Oregon Wine Confirmed by Newest Industry Reports

Oregon’s wine industry continues to boom. With 24 new wineries added in 2018, the state now supports 793 wineries. See the rundown of Oregon wineries, sales, planted acreage, and varieties.

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The TTB Crusade Against Small Producers and the “Consignment Sale” Business Model 

What does consignment sale actually mean and how does it benefit small producers? Learn more about this business model, how it gives small producers market access and why it should be defended.

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How Craft Brewers Are Redefining the Nonalcoholic Beer Category

Non-Alcoholic craft beer is being celebrated by those in recovery, pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication that can’t be consumed with alcohol, and who prefer not to consume alcohol. Breweries across the country are starting to see the value in reaching these new consumers. 

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What Should Your Emails Say? A Primer on Email Content for Your Business

There’s no sure-fire template for marketing emails but there are guidelines that can help you reach customers in an authentic and meaningful way. Learn a few tips for crafting better emails that will catch your customer's attention.

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Webinar: V3 Quickbooks Integration

WineGlass Marketing and VineSpring recently hosted a webinar to walk VineSpring clients through a new Quickbooks integration. Learn how you can enable an automatic transfer of orders and payments for easy, accurate, and always up-to-date accounting.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle