Weekly Roundup | Building the Ultimate DTC Machine

In this week’s roundup, VineSpring Senior Developer Matthew Fay, explains webhooks and how they can connect systems to deliver maximum efficiency and personalization. Napa County reports more winery visits than Use Permits and Hit the Bottle Podcast dishes out tips for DTC sales and marketing. Santa Barbara County is considering a new fee to fund marketing efforts. Is it worth it? And lastly, join next week’s live webinar with ShipCompliant and VineSpring to learn how to build an ideal DTC ecosystem without breaking the bank. 

How Do Webhooks Work With VineSpring?

Webhooks are an important part of the technology that makes the VineSpring platform flexible and connected. We realize that wineries and breweries don't spend their days building software, so we asked VineSpring's Senior Developer, Matthew Fay, to share how webhooks work. 

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Napa County Winery Visits Appear to Exceed Legal Use Permit Allowances

It’s estimated that there were 14.25 million winery visits in Napa County in 2018. What makes that number even more surprising, is that the Napa County Use Permit indicates that the number of verifiable permitted visits tops out at 8,587,124. See how these numbers add up. 

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DTC and other TLAs 

Hit the Bottle Podcast hosts discuss the big business of winery DTC sales and marketing. They interview an expert in the field of DTC wine marketing, discuss the role of PR, and give tips on how to capture and nurture leads. 

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Would New Fee Empower Wine Country Marketing Efforts?

Santa Barbara County is considering a two percent fee on each bottle of wine sold at wineries to help pay for regional marketing efforts. Is it worth it? The Santa Barbara Vintners certainly think so. Learn more about this fee and how it could impact their region. 

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Dipping Your Toe Into the DTC Ecosystem

Join a live webinar next week with ShipCompliant and VineSpring to learn ways to automate your eCommerce, clubs, and compliance—effectively and affordably. Arm your winery with the knowledge to make smart, value-aligned technology decisions that support the growth of your DTC business.

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