These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Here we are. At the end of the year. It’s only natural to reflect on what 2018 has brought us and what we are thankful for.

We at VineSpring are so incredibly fortunate in so many ways. First off, as most of you know, we are a fully remote workforce sprinkled throughout California, Colorado and Nevada. The fact that we are remote is such a blessing in that we are able to maintain a work/life balance unparalleled to any other type of working environment.

Secondly, although we are remote, we often see each others’ shining faces for online meetings, and we even had a company retreat this year which was amazing as we all got to be in the same place for several days. And you know what? We all really, truly LIKE one another. How often does THAT happen?! Finally, we have so much gratitude for YOU guys – our clients. Without our clients, there would be no VineSpring. We get up, show up and do our very best every day because of YOU. Thank you for continuing this journey with us!

And now, a little bit about us. We thought it’d be fun to share one thing that each of us is grateful for. We hope you enjoy!

Chris Towt - Co-Founder, Sonoma, California

I'm grateful for the great communities of northern California that came together and supported one another through horribly destructive fires these past two years. We are all stronger together!


Jamison Morrow - Co-Founder, Denver, Colorado

This season, I'm grateful for the quiet moments. When I'm able to tune out the noise of this world and enjoy the small blessings around me. A walk with my wife, fishing in the mountains with my son, fresh air, reading a good book, reflection and prayer in the morning before the world wakes up, and time spent with good friends.


Britney Yunker - Head of Customer Support, Reno, Nevada

This is Balthazar…or Balthy for short. This guy had a rough start. Not only was he the runt, but he also had some health issues early on which necessitated getting poked a lot by the vet. By the time he came home with us for good, he was a bit skittish and bitey. I was a bit concerned at first. My daughter had had guinea pigs before, and they’d always been super sweet from the very beginning. But this guy had issues. BUT…with love, patience and (a ton of carrots!)…Balthy is officially our family’s favorite pet we’ve ever had. He’s cuddly (when he wants to be), curious and amazingly smart. But most of all, he never fails to make us laugh. Our favorite thing that he does is jet up the stairs as fast as he can. He’s a complete loon and we love him for it.


Leslie Osborne - Head of Product, Denver, Colorado

I'm lucky to have many people and things for which to be grateful, but as we wind up 2018 I'm choosing to be grateful for something that I'm kind of surprised to be grateful for...working from home.  Working from home, as part of a fully remote team, was my single, biggest worry when I joined VineSpring. Could I do it? Would I get lonely? Would it be difficult to maintain my productivity? Fortunately, I can do it, I haven't gotten lonely, and I'm probably more productive than I've ever been.  I think my days are far more peaceful and healthy too. Thank you, working from home. I'm grateful for you!


Amy Parker - Solutions Engineer, Littleton, Colorado

I have a hoʻomaikaʻi (grateful heart) that I was able to spend time with my ʻohana (family) in Maui this year.  The beauty and serenity of the ʻāina (land) and kai (sea) and its people have a very special place in my life.


Matthew Fay - Lead Developer, Sonoma, California

I am grateful for family and beautiful northern California. Year round, we love to go hiking. This area provides so many opportunities to do so, such as Skyline Wilderness Park, Armstrong Woods, Point Reyes, and Hood Mountain. When we can, we bring along our one-year-old golden retriever, Leo, who is currently fast asleep in the living room after a muddy climb up Helen Putnam Regional Park. This time of year, as the rain comes and goes, the grass around the trails becomes greener, the air is cooling and refreshing, and misty fog gradually drifts among the trees. When we all get home, the heater gets cranked on, the hot showers start happening, and dinner tastes so much better.


Parker McDade - Developer,  Santa Monica, California

I am thankful for my loving living room lion, Faye. Or at least, he sashays about as though he thinks himself a lion. I once watched him flee from a hairbrush he himself knocked over, though, so he’s still got a little ways to go. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade my 4-year-old cream and white kitty for the world. He was given to me by a friend who’d found him (and promptly mistook him for a girl) outside as a kitten. At that time, I thought I didn’t like cats, but Faye, in a demonstration of what was to come, paid this no mind, and instead sauntered right into my heart like he had a lease and made himself at home. A reckless (and surprisingly clumsy) ball of fluff, he’s at times affectionate, rebellious, devious, demanding, cuddly, a comedy GENIUS, and all told just the best companion. I’d say he makes life a solid 88 percent better, and I’m so thankful he’s mine!


Shannon Gildea - Customer Success Guru, Gardnerville, Nevada

Like many people I am grateful for my health (without it, not much else matters), my daughter & family, my pets who are family, my friends and that I get to work for a company that offers the perfect work/life balance.  However, I’m also grateful for small towns and the ability to raise my daughter in one, rainy days to snuggle up with a great book and planes to take me to locations I may otherwise never see.


Howard Towt - Onboarding Specialist, Parker, Colorado

Fly fishing (catch and release) in Colorado is good for the soul.  This photo is from a stream near Creede, Colorado (Bellows Creek). It is a tributary of the Rio Grande.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle - Marketing, Boulder, Colorado

I’m grateful for my health and my ability to travel and see areas that are different from where I live and meet people that always teach me something new about the world. This year I was able to visit Iceland and see how they produce almost all of their electricity from emission-free, sustainable natural resources like hydroelectric power and geothermal energy. So cool!


Kent Nowlin - Operations Support, Boulder, Colorado

Reflecting on 2018 and looking forward into 2019 I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for my family. I feel so fortunate to marry my best friend and to have three healthy, rambunctious children. They truly are my continual motivation and inspiration. No matter how challenging these interwoven relationships can sometimes be, they are still by far the most meaningful and most rewarding ones in my life. Therefore, one of my goals for 2019 is to find new and creative ways to prioritize our family’s relational growth in the midst of our ever-evolving lives.


Kelli Silva - Customer Success Guru, Vacaville, California

There are many things that I am grateful for but I would have to say that this year particularly I am grateful for the bond that my son and my dad had. I say “had” because my dad passed away last year, but his memory lives on in my son. They had a bond like no other. My son even called him his “best friend”. My dad was a wonderful man and I’m reminded daily of the values he instilled into my son, which I am forever grateful for. My dad taught him to be kind, be selfless, hold doors open for people, be respectful and always love your mom. My son is a teenager and lots of parents dread the teenager years, but I have absolutely loved them.  Because of my dad and the man he was, the teenage years with my son have been very enjoyable, which I am so grateful for.

Here is their favorite photo they had together where they did a faceswap.


As a bonus, and since we’ve had Julie Andrews stuck in our head all day, here’s one last favorite thing!


Thank you ALL again for everything this past year. Here’s to an amazing 2019 full of family, friends, successful businesses - and amazing adventures!

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