Weekly Roundup | Cheers to the New Year

In this week’s roundup, we review your DTC systems, the TTB shutdown, signs of a prosperous 2019, the hottest topics from the Wine Economist, the surge of wine sales investigations, and the rise of curious wine drinkers.

VineSpring's Approach to DTC Systems

Now is a great time to reevaluate your processes and see if the systems you have in place continue to meet your needs. DTC systems should help you stay organized, cut down on repetitive tasks, and free you up to do what you’re best at—make delicious wine and beer.


TTB Closes Operations Amid Government Shutdown

The federal government, and therefore the Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB), has shut down after the President refused to accept a bill that does not provide funding for the border wall. There will still be filing of tax remittances and operational reports, but many other services that are provided for the alcohol industry are temporarily on hold.


Indicators of a Buoyant 2019

The end of 2018 seems jollier than most and confidence is high that 2019 will be even better. But what if it isn’t? Whatever the next year brings, it’s good to keep in mind that the wine producers and distributors made it through the previous crisis and we live in a different world with improved communication, distribution, and wine.


Wine Economist Top 5 of 2018

The Wine Economist gets nostalgic looking back at their top five columns of 2018. While some years the most popular posts stem from a range of subjects, this years were concentrated on US wine sales and analysis on how to deal with an evolving consumer base.


Trade-Enforcement Agencies Are Ramping Up Their Wine-Sales Investigations

In case you didn’t notice, be warned, with a $5 million increase from government investment, the TTB has increased its investigations into legal infractions so you better make sure you’re all buttoned up when it comes to compliance. You might be surprised to learn that the TTB cannot give out fines and none of the settlement funds go back to the TTB. Generally, those with infractions offer a cash payment to avoid going to court.


Why 2019 Is The Year of The Curious Wine Drinker

Wine curious? You aren’t alone. The discovery category of wine has been adding more bottles to its repertoire. As globalization makes the world seem small and technology advances the way we learn and consume wine, it’s much easier to get access to a diverse array of wine. Discover a few new (and very old) ways of making wine.